Fog Bandit is the proven defence in deterring and foiling out of hours burglaries. Upon detection of an intruder, high speed security fog instantly ejects an immense curtain of extremely high-density security fog driving intruders out and minimising associated damage. The fog protects the whole premises and the assets within yet it is totally harmless and leaves no residue.  A single Fog Bandit unit has between 3 and 25 activations from one fog cartridge and an engineer call out is not required after each activation.


Fog Bandit may also be deployed to protect against daytime robberies.

How does high speed security fog help in the event of a daytime attack?

  • The criminal is restricted access to the assets  so typically there is no loss or the loss is minimal
  • Physical contact and verbal assault with staff is restricted and therefore the threat to staff and associated trauma is minimised
  • Strong robbery deterrent (no reward – removes the incentive for the criminal and minimises robbery risk)
  • By empowering staff with an element of control, an otherwise control-less and frightening experience can be avoided and the trauma from the aftermath of a successful robbery is minimised

What is the proven Fog Bandit approach to maximise the deterrent and the effectiveness daytime attacks?

IMPORTANT: A clear exit route must be identified and maintained for the intruder and the public

  1. Break the raiders eye contact and threat to staff within the premises
  2. Create a screen of fog in areas where assets are displayed or may be accessed
  3. Rapidly push the raider(s) out of the premises
  4. Create a strong and credible deterrent

How is this achieved?

  • PA activated system (fixed or mobile Panic Alarms can be used)
  • For added safety (and an EN50131-8 and insurance requirement for daytime activation) a voice announcer running in parallel with the fog activation must be deployed.
  • In the event of a robbery the raider(s) must be able to get out when the fog is activated. Any mag-lock/access control systems on the entry/exit doors are therefore disabled automatically as well.
  • Warning notices are put on public display to deter criminals targeting the premises in the first place

Other Options:

Fog Bandit is increasingly being adopted as a 24/7 deterrent and defence against both daytime robbery attacks and burglaries with two separate fog activation settings from the same Bandit unit. A rapid-install mobile Fog Bandit unit can also be deployed, for example, in response to Police tip-offs, vacant or temporary buildings at events, or as an  added tool to use across on estate of premises with changing risk demands.

Integrated System:

Fog Bandit is an BS EN50131-8 approved product and can be integrated into a similarity approved intruder alarm system and its sensors to activate the Fog Bandit. This can be a cost effective method to install Fog Bandit as an extension to the alarm system using the existing sensors / triggers that are in place.

Stand-alone System:

Stand alone Fog Bandit deployment using its own dedicated sensors provides the benefit of a tailored system that does not reply on the need of an intruder  alarm system to activate. A dedicated stand alone system can therefore be the most secure and reliable system as a 'single trigger' activation. A stand alone system is supplied with its own method of arming and disarming and monitoring and can include options such as a GSM Auto-Dialler, External Bell box etc.