Risks Protected

Fog Bandit risks protected:

24/7 Fog Bandit Deterrent – day-time robbery risk and overnight burglary risk:

The Fog Bandit can be configured to deter against either / or, or  both, daytime robbery risk and overnight burglary risks. Using a Panic Alarm button, a short controlled activation, run in parallel with a warning voice announcer, is configured for daytime robbery risk to provide a combination of the following:

-  Break the raiders eye contact and threat to staff
-  Push the raider out of the premises
-  Create a screen of fog in areas where assets are displayed or accessed

For overnight burglary protection, sensors activate the Fog Bandit which is set up to 'room-fill' the fog to the size of the area it is protecting. A single Fog Bandit unit has between 3 and 25 activations from one fog cartridge and an engineer call out is not required after each activation.