How does the FOG BANDIT security fogging system work?
When the BANDIT is activated a special, patented, liquid formula is heated and ejected under high pressure. As it ejects it instantly vaporises into a thick, dense “fog” which quickly expands to fill the area being protected.
Is the ejected fog safe?
Yes, it is perfectly safe. The ejected fog is almost the same as that used in the entertainment industry, only of a higher density and produced far more quickly. It has no effect on health, and is safe to use in any environment.
How often does the HY-3 (Fog generating fluid) Cylinder Pack need replacing?
A full HY-3 Cylinder Pack can generate a minimum of 50 seconds worth of high density fog (reduces eye to object visibility down to 25cm) at a rate of 28 cubic metres a second with a maximum single activation time of 18 seconds.  The BANDIT is thus preset according to the size of room being protected i.e., a 56 cubic metre room would be pre-set for a 2 second (56 ÷ 28 = 2) burst or a 504 cubic metre room for the maximum 18 second (504 ÷ 28 = 18) burst.One HY-3 is therefore capable of anything between 3 and 25 activations before requiring replacement.  An exchange refill service is provided by your BANDIT dealer.Furthermore, the HY-3 Cylinder Pack is clean filled and hermetically sealed.  The fluid is thus retained in an oxygen free, pressurised, pH stabilised, de-ionised environment so it does not degenerate.  This ensures a particularly lengthy and maintenance free operational life i.e., once fitted, it only needs to be replaced every 4 years unless depleted in the meantime.
I don’t have an intruder alarm installed at my premises – can the FOG BANDIT system work independently?
Yes, the BANDIT  can be easily configured to work as a “stand alone” system, as well as working in conjunction with a conventional intruder alarm system.
Can I be sure the FOG BANDIT will work with my particular intruder alarm system?
Yes, the BANDIT  can be configured in a number of different ways, to allow for differing types of intruder alarm panel signals.
Can the FOG BANDIT be used for daytime robbery as well as night-time burglary protection?
Yes, the BANDIT can easily be configured to operate for daytime robbery use only, night-time burglary use only, or both options together if required.
Can a FOG BANDIT protect rooms over 504 cubic metres in size?
Yes, for areas over 504 cubic metres as many BANDIT units can be linked to function in unison as required.
I already have a good security system – why do I need a FOG BANDIT?
Sheer logistics means that it could typically take at least 10 minutes, or much, much more, for the police or other security services to respond to a confirmed intruder alarm call. During this “window of opportunity” an intruder is able to operate virtually unhindered, unless there is some means of preventing this such as the BANDIT.The BANDIT security fogging system creates a visually impenetrable “fog” the instant an intruder is detected so the intruder is unable to proceed as – “what can’t be seen can’t be stolen!”
What makes the FOG BANDIT security fogging system so different to other available systems?
Whilst other fogging security systems are able to effectively produce fog in a similar way, BANDIT produces exceptionally high density fog many times faster than other similar devices using pump or aerosol driven systems. It has also been specifically designed from the outset to be more durable, more reliable, have fewer moving parts and be competitively priced.  It also has an in-built self diagnostics system to warn of potential irregularities.
Could an intruder disable the FOG BANDIT in some way, so preventing it from operating?
This is extremely unlikely as the speed at which the fog is ejected (jetted over 6 metres in the first 2 seconds alone!) makes it impossible for an intruder to approach the system. Also,i) Typically, the BANDIT is wall mounted, at least 2 metres from the ground, making it very difficult for the “opportunist” to reach.ii) Due to its robust construction (the BANDIT weighs over 28 Kg) removal would be very difficult – in any event, it is securely attached to its mounting bracket and cannot be removed without specialist tools.iii) The BANDIT can be configured so as to activate upon the removal of a voltage condition from its input terminals. Then, if an intruder was to attempt to cut the cable to the BANDIT, the BANDIT would activate anyway.iv) The BANDIT has built-in “tamper protection” circuits to detect any form of system tampering or interruptions to power supply.v) Due to the high pressure of the fog ejection, covering or blocking the ejection nozzle would be extremely difficult, if not impossible. During fog ejection, the nozzle also becomes very hot, making it all the more difficult.

vi) By the time an intruder understands what is happening it would be too late, because the BANDIT would have done its job and completely filled the area with fog.

So, basically, once the BANDIT has been activated it is almost impossible to prevent it ejecting its fog, as intended.

What happens if the FOG BANDIT is unable to operate, for some reason?
The BANDIT  maintains a comprehensive communications interface with the intruder alarm system. Immediate notification can be given to this system, together with indications on the BANDIT front panel, of any problems with the BANDIT system (e.g. fluid level low, low temperature, internal failure, etc.). Note that, when in “Guard” mode, these indications are inhibited from the BANDIT’s front panel display so that an intruder will not be aware that there may be a problem.
Is the FOG BANDIT an approved product?
Yes. BANDIT has CE approval and complies with European Standard EN50131-8 (which has now suprseded the previous British Standard BS7939:1999) , together with approvals and registration for use issued by the Belgium, Dutch and French government bodies. Materials Safety Data Sheets are also available.